16A, Pionerskaya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
Office +7 812 6042525
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Every girl is a princess by birth! And since childhood, every little girl wants to find herself in a fairy tale, where there will be a magical castle, and wonders, and, of course, a beautiful prince. Then one day, one cold, but sunny November day, the dream of one princess became true. The tale of our couple, Inga and Alexander, was brought to life. Guests were welcomed at the castle, where the atmosphere of magic and miracles reigned. They were met by hundreds of amazing  butterflies and scents of thousands of flowers transferred to the atmosphere of a fabulous garden. Miracles accompanied the newlyweds all day! Despite the November cold, it was on this day that the rays of the sun made their way through the shroud of taut clouds. Tale in reality. A fairy tale for life!


90 guests
20 hours
More than 1000 flowers 
More than 70 contractors