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Welcome to our agency of tailor-made weddings in Saint-Petersburg. We will be your guide to stunning, breathtaking and elegant weddings in our city!  

Wedding planning is my passion, endless love and desire to help people to have a perfect wedding day, full of joy and happiness. 

That's why 8 years ago I decided to choose event planning my job. 

Event planning is a big responsibility for your happy eyes and comfort of your guests.


Before opening my own event agency I had passed a big way  in event industry. So I formed my own style and philosophy of collaboration, which found a respect among clients and partners. Nowadays in our agency work people who adore their job and admire client's and partner's relationship.



Sincerely yours,

Ilona Shelkova 


We follow the simple rule in all what we do:

 "Respect the client as yourself". And from the very beginning you will feel it. 



Everybody deserves high service, no matter where are you from and what budget you have. We speak english,  this guarantees no language barriers interfere with communication during the planning process.


Thanks to our experience, we know the real cost of every service. We also clearly understand, that  no matter how much you were willing to spend, you should not waste money.


Time is priceless. So before our first appointment we prefer to prepare an individual proposal for you. So you will have an idea about general elements of event and discover a lot of details, which you even haven't think. Moreover, we work on your event in that temp and form communication, which are comfortable for you.  


The first and the most important thing from which we are making a start in the preparation of your wedding is a dream. What you dream about, how you see your holiday - for us this is the most important thing. And in developing the concept and format of the event, we are based on your desires. In a word, we work "from the dream."


Providing every service is a partnership, based on sincerity, trust and professionalism.