Full Wedding

Planning Service

We will gladly take care of everything and create the wedding of your dreams starting with a unique concept and coordinating all contractors.



A wedding abroad is an opportunity to celebrate memorable event  for a lifetime in the most beautiful and picturesque corners of the planet! We offer the organization of a wedding abroad anywhere in the world.

Wedding Day

If you decide to organize wedding on your own, let yourself enjoy every moment of this special day. Be sure to attract the coordinator, then you will surely be calm for the fact that everything goes according to plan.

Anniversary and

Birthday Party

The style of your birthday can be very different: a theme party, a cozy evening with your loved ones or a large-scale holiday with a rich program. The main thing is that it should reflects your mood and pleases you and each guest.



There can be a lot of reasons to arrange a corporate event: to unite the team, take stock of the work done during the year, mark the anniversary of the company. We know the secrets that will help you achieve your goals, regardless of the scale of the event!



Children's holiday is always a touching event, full of perky laughter,  fun and happy eyes! We offer only the best animators and artists, unusual design solutions, as well as ready-made decor sets.